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Street Scene and the City (Town or Village)!

As I write this, we are in the midst of a beautiful, though very warm, heat wave! You could be forgiven for thinking that Summer has finally arrived and rush out to stock up on your sun cream and fill your freezer with ice lollies!

What this also means, is that there are a lot of people taking to the outdoors and using public facilities, such as benches, bins, having picnics at the local park or feeding the ducks at the pond and taking children to the park. So how do you keep track of all the reports that come in of graffiti, damage to facilities, bins that need to be emptied, etc?

PermiServ Street Scene allows anyone with a smart phone to instantly notify their local authority of problems or hazards encountered everyday within your area.
In true PermiServ style, we have designed our Street Scene software with ease-of-use in mind to reduce the administrative burden, and therefore cost, associated with keeping public spaces safe and clean.

So how does it work I hear you ask?

PermiServ print a label with a QR Code, using our successful and trusted print technology. Once you receive this, simply apply the QR code label to your chosen asset, whether this be a waste bin, streetlight, park bench etc; then simply scan the QR code and select the asset type and location using our user-friendly software.

Your residents can now report any problems within seconds by scanning the QR code with their smartphone and selecting the problem with the option of photographic evidence.
Any reports made are instantly sent to the authority and your administrative staff will receive a notification alerting them of a new case which is accessible via the dashboard, along with any other unresolved reports.

I know what you’re thinking… ‘How could this possibly get any better?’

Well let me tell you, it can!

Just some of the key features include:

Here at PermiServ, we pride ourselves on making your lives as easy as possible. With our Web-to-Resident Garden Waste and Commercial Waste solutions, we have become the market leader and working with so many councils, we understand the barriers you experience that can cause frustrations.

This also means that we have extensive knowledge and experience on how to overcome those barriers and with Street Scene joining the reliable and outstanding solutions we already have in place, this is just another way we’re helping local authorities improve processes, reduce administrative burden and save money, as well as increase revenue.

Why not get in touch with us and discuss how we can help you? Don’t forget to ask us about our other products also.

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We can’t wait to hear from you and book you in for a demo of our solutions, so you can see for yourself what PermiServ can do for you.