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We’re a Four Star Zero Waste Award Winner!

At PermiServ we felt that it would be unethical of us as a company to produce the best Waste Management and Street Scene softwares and not utilise the same mindset of managing waste and recycling in our own operations.

With this in mind, we set about a complete overhaul of cleaning products, materials and stationery to ensure we were using recycled products.

Even our hand soap in the toilets at our state-of-the-art factory in Dartford uses recycled materials.

When PermiServ were alerted that we had won the prestigious award from Lets-recycle we didn’t jump for joy, no fist bumps, no shouting from the rooftop, we simply sat down and all hoped the same… that other companies in the industry do the same.

So when you see the PermiServ logo on any of our made-in-house software, hand-checked permits or our bespoke made-to-specification platforms, you can be sure that it has been created in-house, by our own developers and in a facility that has been awarded a zero waste award from the leading name in the recycling industry.

PermiServ. A name that instils trust, transparency and integrity.