Blue Badge Disabled Permit Service

We run a specialist blue badge disabled permit service for councils in the UK.

As always with PermiServ products, the service is hosted on a cloud system so that it’s easy to deploy quickly to your councils without the need for software installation.

When a council joins the scheme, we provide access to the secure, GDPR compliant portal. That allows the council to enter details of blue badge requests on a simple web-form. Then, sit back and relax. We produce the permit(s) and get them to your applicant. We show live tracking so that you always know where permits are.

Our permits are more secure than most. We include vehicle registration on the permit so that it can only be used on the specified vehicle. Blue badge fraud is on the increase (see article). Including the vehicle registration is a simple solution to the problem.

The PermiServ model is trusted by over 30 councils. Get in contact to see how we can help!