Already have a chargeable garden waste service?

We can improve your existing garden waste service further by:

Saving money

Our unique pricing structure means we price per permit, no matter the size of the job

Saving time

We deliver permits directly to your residents and have the knowledge to solve all issues in-house

Decreasing work

We take on your permit admin burden, freeing you up to focus on resident services

Why work with PermiServ?

Originally established in the 1970s, we’ve decades of unrivalled experience and knowledge. And since fine-tuning our business to what it is today, we’ve repeated our processes with more than 100 councils each year, giving us unparalleled specialist knowledge – we’ve truly made garden waste our business.
Set-up is quick and easy: join us for a free demonstration, no PO or payment obligation required. You can log-in to the online portal and explore its functionality, we’ll send you an info pack with a sample permit, and we’ll help you design your permit artwork.
Our unique and transparent pricing model makes planning straightforward: we price per permit, no matter how many permits you need. Once you’re up and running, you can order your permits via the portal and relax knowing that we’ll do the rest.
With PermiServ, you really can consider it done. To get started, book your free no-obligation demo now…

Which other councils are already using PermiServ permits?

Find out which councils near you are using PermiServ to deliver their garden waste permits. Click a pin to find out the name of the council, how long they’ve been with us, and how many permits they deliver.

Serving 0 Councils across the United Kingdom

0 permits successfully delivered to residents since 2016

Book your free demo today

To see a demonstration of how our software and permit service can work for you, saving you time and money, simply request a booking now


Not yet charging for garden waste?

If you’re planning to introduce a chargeable garden waste service, we can manage the transition for you from start to finish. From helping you determine the number of permits you’ll need, to guiding you through set-up and permit design, we support you throughout the process with in-depth knowledge and industry expertise.

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