Self Locking Bin Tags

Outdoor Bin Tags

Our outdoor self-locking tags have been a staple of many local authorities. The usual process of having to laboriously mark down offending addresses in order to issue formal letter warnings is both time consuming and expensive. On top of this, keeping track of waste infractions and waste bin misuse drives up additional administrative cost. This is extraneous and unnecessary considering our outdoor self-locking bin tags can provide an easy and simple way to contact customers of offending addresses and notify them of their transgressions.

Commonly, they are used to educate the client further on the types of waste the particular bin is designed to have deposited within it. This can be in the form of casual informational purposes or to issue a mild transgression warning without the stressful process of issuing a formal warning. They are flexible in use; residents and staff are able to remove these warnings once they have been identified if it is deemed necessary, however, their durability means they are weatherproof and can last a long time due to their hard-wearing nature and can work long term too.  Removal must be intentional, as they are unable to be accidentally removed, and each comes with an individual barcode for ease of scanning, logging and tracking. 

Regardless of their function, our self-locking bin tags are able to provide you with unmatched clarity. This is because our vibrant inks make these unmissable and provide a stark contrast to the urban or rural setting. If a more natural look is what is preferred, there is an array of templates for you to choose from, or, if you have a particular specification or idea in mind, our experienced Designers can tailor and format them to suit your needs and preferences. Overall, our quick and easy to apply outdoor self-locking bin tags provide you with a cheap and effective form of communication that have the ability to save both time and money.

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Outdoor Waste bin with weatherproof self-locking tag applied