Data Usage

At PermiServ we prioritise security in all facets of our organisation.
We are GDPR compliant and your data will always remain your data. It will only be used by us as required to facilitate your services. We will never share it with any unauthorised 3rd parties and always follow the leading industry standards to ensure that your data always remains uncompromised.

A stylized server rack


All data is stored on secure servers based in London. We run specialised software to scan and monitor for any vulnerabilities in our service and use enforced TLS encryption between client and host. We have multiple redundancies in place and run encrypted backups of any important data on a regular daily basis. All data (including backups) is destroyed after an agreed upon term, when use is no longer necessary, or at the termination of any contracts.


Access to your sensitive data is restricted, so you dont have to worry. It will only ever be accessed as required by a few key staff members and we keep it safe by protecting it with a two step security authentication system, only accessible to us. Passwords are encrypted in line with industry standards and these, along with payment details, are never stored in plain-text and will only ever be accessible by their respective owner. For client-side access, we offer different privilege levels as per client instruction.

Phone used for 2 factor authorization
Cyber Essentials Certification badge


We hold an up-to-date Cyber Essentials Security Certification. This ensures that we follow the latest practices when protecting your data from the most common and frequent attacks. We also employ multiple layers of security software that are constantly monitoring and alert us of any attempted attacks. These logs are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that your data is always kept secure.

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